【Taizhong】I stayed at Voyage Youth Hostel.


They are near the fengjia night market in Xidong. I got lost for a while to come here.

The first floor is a cafe. I do not know whether there is a  breakfast or not. Probably it is charged.

It’s new hostel. Staff was very kind, too.

(Photo from agoda)

There is a long table where you can use a computer. There are also outlest. Water is here, too.

(Photo from agoda)

I entered the room with a key. There is also a curtain and privacy is secured. Bedroom was little small. But when I stayed here. there were no one stay in my room so I feel like private room.

I want to come here again if there are beds.

You can book here.


407 Taiwan Taichung south xi Tun guan Ming Road no 57 – 38

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