[Access] From Taipei to Taoyuan Airport for less than 78 yuan.


The cheapest way to get from Taipei to Taoyuan Airport.

Please try it if you have time.
You can go all with a yo-yo card. It is very cheap because it is one discount.

First, you can get to Taoyuan Station by Taiwan Railway. When you get there, move to the bus stop in front of the Far Eastern department store.
The distance from Taipei to Taoyuan is usually 42 yuan by inter-district car. It takes about 40 minutes,

Where and which bus to wait?

Wait for bus 706. The bus route looks like this.

The bus stop is in front of the Far Eastern department store.


A Taiwanese woman was chatting while riding a motorcycle in the bus stop space, and the bus could not be stopped. She aware of the bus…..

What about the inside of the car?

A kind driver put the suitcase in the space below.

There is a USB charging plug under the seat.

You can pay with a yo-yo card. If you board with a transportation card, the fare for 70km or less will be 1 discount.
Usually 36 yuan.

Impressions and summaries

I came to Taoyuan Airport from Taipei for only 78 yuan.

Please refer to it if you have time.

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