【Taipei】Taiwan Postal museum


Where are they Located?

Taiwan Postal museum is located about 6 min walk from MRT Chang kai seng memorial hall station.

They are very large building as they are museum + post office.

Admission fee is 5NT$ with  postcard. And 3/20, international museum day and 5/18 are free to enter.
English voice guide can be borrowed.

IMG_1100 IMG_1102

Museum are at 2 ~ 6F. I think children also can enjoy. there are such as old post and postal characters etc.

At the third floor, there are displayed  transformation and development of the modern postal service.

IMG_1108 IMG_1105

besides Taiwanese post, there are also interesting foreign post.

IMG_1110 IMG_1109

At the fourth floor, there is a children park where they can learn about postal things.

At the fifth floor there are showcases about the “postage stamp”.


Taiwan Postal museum

Address:No. 45, Section 2, Chongqing S Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100
Open:AM9:00- PM17:00
Close:every monday


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