【Taiwan】Tainan Flowers Night Market


Where are they Located?

Taipei Bus Terminal has been renewal so It is more convenient going to Tainan♪

Because Taiwan Bus companies has very high competition , each bus company offer discount ticket.
Going to Taichung just NT$80 is cheap, isn’t it?


Most of Taiwan’s long-distance buses offer that passenger take three rows of seats.
Some expensive bus such as Aloha bus offer two rows of seats.

It took 5 hours to Tainan. It was the first time for me to visit Tainan, I felt There were so many motorbikes.
I was very amazing.


I rent a 125CC scooter bike KYMCO.It cost one day 300 yuan.
It was very good to drive in Tainan.

I went to Tainan Flowers Night Market.
Tainan Flowers Night Market has many food stalls.
I got ate huge octopus fry that I have never seen in Taipei.


The taste is like Japanese takoyaki. Compare to Japanese takoyaki, this is more fresh. not salty.


half of this Flowers Night Market are food stalls, and others are game, shopping stalls.


Address Section 3, Hai’an Rd, North District, Tainan City, 704
Open Thu・Sat・Sun18:00~1:00
Credit card No
English Little
Access from Tainan railway station, by taxi 10min.


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