【Hong Kong】Hong Kong Island,Meals at the North port

Hong Kong

What is the North port like?

The North port is a downtown area on Hong Kong Island.
It’s incredibly folksy, and meals are cheap.

By the way, the tram to North port is famous for the sight of people passing through the street market. It is very powerful because people are coming and going right up to the edge of the streetcar tracks. I was afraid I might get run over.

 North port

First, breakfast. As I was wandering around, I saw the word “Kagoshima”.

This is the place to be! So we went in there. Mmmm, it is cheap, but it looks tasteless.

I asked for $27 for A for now. Cheap, right?

They do more than just breakfast. Looks tasteless, though.

This is what came out. It looks tasteless, but it is surprisingly edible. It tastes like a child’s food.

And…. Next up. Wonton noodle store.

新劉記粥麺專家/New Liu Ji Congee Noodle Restaurant.

It is a popular restaurant among locals. New Liu Kee is one of a chain of locally owned cha chan teng that mainly operates on Hong Kong Island.

The menu looks like this.

This is what it looks like outside. I forgot the address, but it is on the main street where the streetcar is. It is close to the north corner station.

This is wonton noodle soup. The bowl was overcooked, but it was delicious. It’s cheap for 33 dollars.

Furthermore, I had lunch at a suitable cafe.

It’s a restaurant called Kohin.

It looks like this. If you are coming to the North Corner, please use it as a reference.

See you soon.

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