【Hsinchu】Directions to Zhuqiancheng


About  Zhuqiancheng

It is the only witness to the ancient city of Hsinchu, and as its name suggests, it stands in the city of Hsinchu, telling the story of its granite past to passersby and protecting all the people living in Hsinchu. It was built in 1733 (Yongzheng 11, Qing Dynasty) by Xu Zhimin, the governor of the city at that time, who planted bamboo rings around it, built four gate towers in the east, west, south, north, and west directions, and dug trenches to strengthen security in the city.

How to get there

Public Transportation
1. High Speed Rail: Take High Speed Rail to Hsinchu Station and transfer to another public transportation.
2. Train: Get off at Hsinchu Station and go straight down Zhongzheng Rd.
3. Bus: Get off at Taipei Bus Terminal and go straight along Zhongzheng Rd. to Hsinchu.

By car
National Highway 1→exit at the Hsinchu Interchange→take Guangfu Road toward the train station→take Dongmen Street to reach the destination.


In 1826, Chung Yu-seong, a magistrate of Jukubo, submitted a request for renovation, and in 1827, construction began with a brick and stone wall 860′ in circumference, 1.5′ high, and 1.6′ deep. After the Japanese invasion, the wall and tower were torn down in 1902 and the streetscape was modified.

The lower part of the city gate is called the citadel, built of granite blocks, and the entrance to the gate is a round arch. The plaza in front of the city gate is a civic plaza that combines tradition and modern technology, and is an iconic landmark of the Hsinchu culture.

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