【Taizhong】I stayed at Taichung Carolhouse Backpacked!


Since there is no reception, I needed to contact them by phone.
The telephone number is on the booking confirmation form.

Then the staff picked me up.
I did not get ridiculous because I had stayed this apartment style hotel before.
I think that you are in trouble if it is your first time. Because there is no sign of the hotel either.

The water server was in the middle of the stairs. I did not know whether it is ok I could use this, but I used it arbitrarily. Cost performance is good as it is less than 20 dollar per night and this is single room. There is also a bath towel.

There is a TV too and here is ordinary apartment. Outside is doing karaoke competition and in the night , I feel noisy.

Just below is like this. Here is also close to the Yi zhong jie.

Recently karaoke box like this are getting increasing in Taiwan.

If you like private rooms, this apartment is good for you.

You can book here.

Address:2F, No.19-23, Jinnan St, Bei District, Taichung Taiwan. (**Note** Please be sure to contact Hostel before check in for detail directions to our Hostel) taizhong 40455

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