Tim Ho Wan (central Branch) above the Airport Express platform at Hong Kong Station

Hong Kong

We are now at Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong Station. It is located on the floor above the Airport Express platform of Hong Kong Station.
The prices at this store are cheaper than others.
I recommend this store because it is less crowded than other stores.

There are menus and pencils next to the cash register, so mark the menu you want and order from the clerk.
Then pay at the cash register.

■酥皮焗叉燒包(Melon Bun with Char Siew Filling)
A popular Soe Kwun menu item, this melon bread with a crispy surface is filled with char siu pork filling.

晶瑩鮮蝦餃(Shrimp Dumpling)
A plump shrimp dim sum wrapped in a translucent chewy skin.

Tim Ho Wan’s menu is available for take-out.
It is affiliated with a Michelin-starred restaurant but has a very local feel.

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