【Tainan】I stayed at Old Man Captain Hostel II !


They are located just a min from Tainan station. They are behind a motorbike shop. It was hard to find their entrance..

They are behind this. This is the entrance.

I called the staff by pressing the call alarm. Because there was no answer, I entered it when someone opened the door.

This is an old building.Since there is no elevator, I go upstairs to the second floor.

Inside is like this. The reception on the right side. There is a common space next to it. Breakfast is also here. I could eat bread only.

There is a locker. It’s small.

Room is like this.

The bed looks like this. Since there is a curtain, I could keep privacy.

Shower room. Toilet and shower are like this. It was inconvenient because the place to put things was not good.

There is a dryer etc.

Well it’s just a good for sleep.

The staff is kind.

You can book here.

Address:No.2, Sec. 2, Beimen Rd(GOOGLE positioning is wrong,15 meters from the entrance of Tainan Railway Station, walk into the alley next to the taxi queue, just press the door bell beside the orange door), Tainan

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