【Taipei】I stayed at Hey Bear Capsule Hotel.


They are located near MRT Taipei Bridge Station. Go up to the front desk by elevator.

The 8th floor of this building is the front desk. There were staff who could speak Japanese and English. There are many guest. Taiwanese people also like to stay here too. Some Taiwan people came to stay here for an interview in Taipei.

(Photo from Agoda)

It is good to be in front of the station.

Local popular night market (Sanhe Night Market) is also close. Check in at midnight is no problem. There are quite a lot of people checking in at midnight.

There is a long table with outlets and two free computers on the 8F.
There is TV, too.

The front desk staff was very kind. Without a card you can not go to the 10th and 9th floors where there are rooms . the toilet and shower room doors open by cardkey. I think security is good.

They took care of my luggage as I came here before check in time. They keeps it even after checkout.

The room is also very clean. There is TV in capsule, facilities are substantial.

(Photo from Agoda)

The good point here is that there is a dressing room in the shower room. So do not worry about dropping clothes.

The locker is also opened with the card key and the suitcase M size entered.

(Photo from Agoda)

There is a delicious dry noodle shop nearby.
Check-in is from 3 o’clock but They keep baggage.
There is a water server too.

The laundry can be dried outside.

I want to come back here again.

You can book here.

8F 1-2 Zhong xin street Sanzhong district Shinbei City Taiwan

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