[Taipei] I stayed at Fun inn Taipei!


Near MRT Beimen, Taipei Main Station. Next to CAMA Cafe.

This is the front. It was pretty crowded. The location is also close to Taipei Station, so you can easily go anywhere, and there are many small shops like Taiwan, so you can eat.

Each room is entered with a card key.

Since the old building was renovated, there were mold smelling.

This is a shower room. There was only one shower and toilet so it was very crowded especially in the morning.

Shared room is underground. It smelled and nobody used it. It is difficult to go to the living room once you go out of the lobby and go down the stairs.

It was a room for two people. It was the second floor, but it was good to have stairs.

Yeah,It’s a bit old. After all, there was only one toilet shower.

I guess I won’t come again.

You can book here.

Address: 2F., No.21, Yanping S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.Taipei City, Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan, 10043

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