[Taipei] I stayed at I PLAY INN!


How to get there

Close to MRT Beimen or Ximen town.

The same building as Incube. It is a clean dormitory like a capsule in a wonderful location of Ximen. Slippers are enriched so that you can stay without meals, and the staff is kind.

If you arrive early, they will leave your suitcase in the warehouse.

You can use a PC in the lobby. There is also a veranda for smoking.

The room was on the 11th floor.

It is like this. Suitcase M size has entered the locker.

I hate the curtain here because it was see through of curtain.

When you turn on the light, people can see inside from outside.

There is a Water server.

The toilet and shower are the same. Changing clothes is easy.

There were a few washing machines.

It was good hotel but we were worried about see through of curtain.

You can book here.

Address: 12F., No. 30, Xining South Road, Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan, 1084

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