【Hong Kong】How to get an exit tax refund at Hong Kong International Airport (Tax Refund)

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Airport collects what is called departure tax on flights departing from Hong Kong.

The amount is 120 HKD per person. (about 1,630 yen)

The following two conditions must be met in order to receive a refund of departure tax when transferring at the Hong Kong airport.
Hong Kong departure tax (AIR PASSENGER DEPARTURE TAX) must have been collected at the time of ticket purchase.
Arrival and departure in Hong Kong must be on the same day.
(It does not matter whether you are entering Hong Kong in transit or not.)

If you are going directly from Macau to Hong Kong International Airport by ferry or when connecting flights, you can receive a refund of departure tax (tax refunds).

Documents to obtain reimbursement

Documents proving that departure tax has been paid
Documents showing HONG KONG AIR PASSENGER DEPARTURE TAX or HONG KONG APDT on the e-ticket payment details and the amount are acceptable.
Air ticket at the time of arrival
(If the ticket was removed at the time of departure, the ticket stub is acceptable. (If the ticket was removed at the time of departure, a ticket stub is acceptable. (A ticket stub is acceptable if the ticket was removed at the time of departure, but not an exchange ticket or reservation form.)
Ticket at the time of departure
(Even if the ticket stub has been removed or before boarding. (A printed copy of the e-ticket that serves as the boarding pass is acceptable. (A voucher or reservation form is not acceptable.)

If you are coming by ferry from Macau, please get a Refund Coupon for departure tax at the ticket counter of the ferry terminal in Macau.

Refund Locations

There is a departure tax refund counter after entering the country.

There is also one in Terminal 1 on the Departure Level. It is marked “Airplane Passenger Departure Tax.

Just present the necessary documents at the counter and say “Refund Please.

If you want to send it by mail
Please fill out the PDF form in Chinese or English and submit it within 4 weeks.


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