【Hong Kong】Take the bus from Kwanggang Kwai to Hong Kong with ease.


How to get there

Now that the subway line 7 has opened at the Hanggang Kougan area, it is easier to use than before.
At first, take the elevator from the station to the pedestrian bridge on the second floor instead of going out to the first floor.

Once on the first floor, the elevators are usually full, so you have to take the stairs up to the second floor.

Once you get out, it’s a quick walk to immigration.

This is the crap we are aiming to post in Hong Kong.

Bus ticket to Hong Kong

After leaving the country, buy a bus ticket to Hong Kong. You can also pay with Octopus card.
This time, we will take the bus to Mong Kok.

There is also a duty free store.

Take the bus when it comes. Do not lose your ticket stub as you will use it later.
Place your suitcase in the bus’s suitcase storage area. When you leave the bus, be sure to take your suitcase with you as you will be taking a different bus. This is very important.

Inside the bus. We will soon be at the immigration of Ouamazhou on the Hong Kong side.

When you arrive, go to Hong Kong immigration. You need an entry card. I didn’t know where that was, so I got it directly at the counter. I wish it was written more clearly.

After exiting, simply use the ticket stub to board the bus to Mong Kok.


The Hanggang Kou shore is very convenient because it is quite empty and open 24 hours a day.
I love it because I can easily take the bus to Mongkok sitting down.

I would like to use it again.

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