【Shenzhen】How to buy Shenzhen Tong subway IC card “Shenzhen Tong” from a vending machine in Shenzhen, China


Where can you buy it?

It is easy to buy Shenzhen’s subway IC card “Shenzhen Tong” from a vending machine.

This time I bought it at the Futian Kougui station.

First, find this vending machine.

Select “購卡”.

Choose a design. There are various characters. This time I chose the simplest one.

You can pay in cash or Zip or Zip Bao. 100 yuan.

I paid with a Shiseido bill.

I have successfully made a purchase. Click the button on the bottom left that says “Home” to go back to the top page.
This is a card that can be used as an Octopus card in Hong Kong. This is what it looks like. I don’t have any money yet, so I can recharge it and use it. I thought there was 50 yuan in the card, but there was not. I thought it had 50 yuan, but it didn’t. I went through the ticket gate thinking it had 50 yuan, but it didn’t. I asked at the information desk and was told to recharge the card.

Charging Method

You can recharge your card anywhere. There is a machine at the station, so you can insert your card and press “KABEKI” to pay with money or your smart phone.

Refunds for cards that are no longer in use

You can refund your card at the counter, but not at the vending machine. There is a special window at the Futian border. However, please note that the function of this reciprocal ticket is the same as that of the Octopus for adults and the general Shenzhen Ticket, but the card will not be returned or refunded even if you no longer need it. If you are using the Shenzhen Tong, you can get a refund, but if you are like me, it is impossible to get a refund if the card is changed to reciprocity without your permission.

However, the Shenzhen subway is inexpensive and a good souvenir, so you can keep it forever.

You can also buy one from Taobao or other places in Japan if you want to.

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