【Hong Kong】I went to a karaoke box in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

I went to a karaoke box in Hong Kong.

The location is a karaoke box restaurant called Neway in Tsim Sha Tsui.



What is the interior like?

On the panel screen, you can choose one with a photo.


It is quite easy to use, and you can search by male, female, or group. You can also playback the original song.


Toilets are located in the rooms.



Enter at 6:00 pm, happy hour until 8:00 pm for $99 per person and 2 non-alcoholic drinks. There are quite a few Japanese songs. It is a lot more than karaoke bars in Taiwan.
The price with buffet is $280, and the service seems to vary depending on the time of day, such as lunch karaoke.

There is also a karaoke box for Japanese people. Causeway Bay, I think.

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