【Hsinchu】How to get to Wufong Resort


About Wufong Resort

Located in Shangping-ri, Jhudong Township, Hsinchu County and surrounded by mountains and water, Wufeng Resort is a playground with rich natural scenery and planned facilities such as a wilderness sports stadium, camping ground, and rafting. A visit to Wufeng Resort will provide you with a relaxing and tasteful vacation.

How to get there

Exit the highway at the Hsinchu Interchange, follow Prefectural Route 122 through Takeda, then continue south, following the signs to the campground in turn, and finally to the Gobong Resort. It is approximately 23.8 km from the interchange to Gobong Resort.


Wufeng Resort is located in Shangping-ri, Jhudong Township, Hsinchu County, and is a natural recreation area surrounded by mountains and water and rich in resources. The area has been systematically developed and is equipped with natural sports stadiums, campgrounds, rafting tours, and other facilities. Visit Gobong Resort for a relaxing and tasteful holiday.

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