Directions to Taichung Wufeng Lin Family Palace Park


About Taichung Wufeng Lin Family Palace Park

The Yen family in Keelung, the Lin family in Banqiao, the Gu family in Lugang, the Chen family in Kaohsiung, and the Wufeng Lin family. Of these, the Wufeng Lin family was located in Taichung; from the mid-19th century, the Wufeng Lin family in Taichung owned many fields in central Taiwan; from the mid-19th century, the Wu Feng Lin family in Taichung owned many fields in central Taiwan, helped the government suppress civil war, and organized several thousand militia after participating in the Sino-French War. As a reward for their efforts, the government granted the family the exclusive right to sell camphorwood, further expanding their economic influence in central Taiwan. The family established National Taichung First High School, the best high school in Taichung. After the KMT withdrew from Taiwan, the family continued to support the Taiwanese government and captured local influential figures. The family also exerted influence in the oligopolistic banking industry, revealing how vast the family’s wealth was. The mansion that the family built and later renovated can only be described as magnificent in comparison to other mansions of the period and to the present day.

How to get there

To get to the Wufeng Lin Family Residence and Garden, take bus No. 50 (Ubus Bus Company) from the Taichung Railway Station and get off at the K-12 Education Administration (國教署) in the center of Wufeng. A 10-minute walk along Cheng Kung Road (Cheng Kung Road) will bring you to the garden. The House of Representatives (at the time of this writing, the Senate is still under restoration) is a short walk north from the garden. Incidentally, the wonderful 921 Earthquake Museum is located 3 km south of the gardens, at the end of the same bus route. It is a clear indication of the magnitude of the earthquake that devastated the beautiful historical heritage nearby.

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Nearby, the Raien Garden, now part of the school campus but open to the public during the day, was established in 1893 and was once known as the “Ten Scenic Spots,” the first of which is entered via a small wooden cotton bridge.

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