How to get to Nantou Jiouzu Cultural Village

About Nantou Jiouzu Cultural Village

The Nine Tribes Cultural Village is adjacent to Sun Moon Lake. Adjacent to Sun Moon Lake, this multi-faceted park is themed around the nine aboriginal tribes of Taiwan. The park not only has aboriginal cultural exhibits and traditional folk arts, but also Shuisaran European Garden and Caribbean Adventure. There is also a gold mine, a Mayan Adventure, and UFO rides. Every spring, the park is decorated with the Nine Clan Cherry Blossoms, which attract many visitors.

How to get there

By car. 1:
Exit at National number 3 highway, Zhushan offramp, and : / A and B, C, and Dand transfer to Tai 16 route : , passing Jiji and Shueili, then transfer to Tou 131 route : . Take the : the Tou 131 route : Tou 131 route toward Yuchih. 2.

2. take National Highway No. 3 to Taichung Port Road Exit (Zhonggang Expressway), transfer to Provincial Highway No. 74 (台74線) or Zhongchang Expressway (中昌快速道路), transfer to Provincial Highway No. 14, pass Caotun and Puli, and transfer to Provincial Highway No. 21 to Yuchih.

By bus
1. guoguang bus (国光客運) Puli Puli Station nantou bus (南投客運) Puli Station

If you want to visit Nantou Nine Tribes Cultural Village, the first step is to book tickets!
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Opening hours of the Nine Tribes Cultural Village: Weekdays: 09:30~17:00, Weekends & Holidays: 9:00~17:00
Weekdays: 09:30~17:00
Weekend: 09:30~17:30
Ticket window hours: 09:30~15:00

The hours of operation of rides mainly depend on the announcements made at the ticket counter of the Nine Tribes Cultural Village.

Ropeway maintenance days: Ropeway maintenance days: Please confirm at the ticket counter. The maintenance date will be announced by the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway.

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Nine Tribes Cultural Village:


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