【Shanghai】How to get to Jinan Temple

About Jinan Temple

Jing’an Temple is located at 1686 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. It is a famous ancient temple in Jiangnan. According to the inscriptions, it was built in the tenth year (247) of Sun Quan Chiwu, the great emperor of the Three Kingdoms, and the founder was Kang Singhui.

The site of the temple was originally located on the north bank of the Wusong River (now Suzhou River), and was originally named Hutu Chongyuan Temple (Xuan), and was once renamed Yongtai Zen Temple in the Tang Dynasty. The name was changed to Jing’an Temple in the first year of Dazhongxiangfu of the Northern Song Dynasty (1008). Southern Song Dynasty Jiading 9 years (1216) because the temple site is close to the river bank, day and night by the river impact, the foundation of the temple is in danger of collapse, the abbot Zhong Yi is the temple moved to the Lupu boiling well beach side, that is, the current temple site.

Jing’an Temple is one of the national key Buddhist monasteries in the Han area, one of the ancient temples of the True Word Sect in Shanghai, and a protected unit of cultural relics in Shanghai.

The building layout of Jing’an Temple is on a strict central axis. From south to north, the bell tower and drum tower of the mountain gate, the Daxiongbao Hall and the Dharma Hall are located in order. Jing’an Temple Mountain Gate facing south, and the unity of the Temple of Heavenly Kings. Mountain gate ground layer paved with high-quality granite, semi-elliptical arch door coupons carved with the Song Dynasty cloud pattern decoration.

The bell tower and drum tower are on each side, and the bottom of the bell tower is the restored “sixth spring in the world” – Yongquan, on which a 7.3-ton peace bell is suspended. The Drum Tower covers the entrance and exit of the subway in an elevated manner and is topped by a large 3.38-meter diameter cowhide drum.

The Dharma Hall of Jing’an Temple is located to the north of the main hall, immediately adjacent to the main hall. Teak structure, copper tile roof, a total of seven floors, 32.22 meters high. Shanghai Jing’an Temple follows the “Song construction method”, the use of roof ridge kiss (there are positive kiss, squat ridge animal, hanging ridge kiss, corner bumpers, set of animals, etc.), eaves and arch decoration, based on this combined with Buddhist characteristics, with elephants, 0, lotus and other distinctive Buddhist color patterns for decoration.

The main structure of the temple is made of teak wood imported from Myanmar, with yellow and dark gray glazed tiles and copper tiles covering the roof, and the main ornaments (ridge kisses, pagoda brakes, etc.) are decorated with gold. The layout follows the traditional Chinese architectural style, combining doors, halls and corridors.

How to get there

Metro Line 2, Line 7, Jing’an Temple Station, 21, 825 Road terminal (Jiaozhou Road), 37, 62, 562, 838 Road terminal (Beautiful Garden), 40 Road terminal (International Guido Hotel), 57 Road terminal (Anyi Road), via Jing’an Temple are 15, 20, 45, 71, 76, 93, 94, 113, 138, 506, 824, 830, 831, 921, 927, 925, 939, airport departures


Opening hours.

5:30-17:00, open from 4:30-17:00 during the incense period


30 RMB, free during incense period

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