【Taizhong】I stayed at HoSin Hotel!


The Hotel  is about 8 minutes on foot from the Taiwan Boulevard’s bus stop. Taichung Park is in front of them.

Entrance and front desk are like this. There was a Bear stuffed animal.


The dormitory is in the next to the building, but the reception is shared with the regular hotel. The staff took me the trouble to show me the room. I took off my shoes at the entrance and enter the room.

There were billiard table and massage etc.


Since they are just builted, There were not many customers.

There were rooms and private rooms in the tent, but there seemed to be no one staying. The room of the tent is very unique. It looks hot inside.

Domitory room is like this.

I could place my suitcase M size in the locker.

Shower rooms are like this.

There was a table that I can use note PC, but it was too dark to use it.

You can book here.

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