【Hong Kong】Sheung Shui,Weekends are full of Chinese people!

Hong Kong

Where is the location?

I had some free time this weekend, so I went to Shan Shui.

This is a station of Hong Kong Railways (MTR) East Rail Line (former Nine Guang Railways Nine Guangdong Railways) in Hong Kong’s New Territories North District.
My impression was that there were only buses going to China, but I was surprised to find it quite crowded.

There is a huge line at the bus terminal below. You can get to Shenzhen from Shangshui through Wenjindu Immigration. It’s worth taking the bus, as it’s a pretty good spot and not too crowded!。

The city was a bit dirty.

There are several department stores in front of the station.

Many people come here on weekends to buy cosmetics and medicines from China.

Lots of small buses.

The Chinese are buying.

Put it in her suitcase.

There are many chinese people

Many people, especially cosmetics buyers.

The MTR station was also quite crowded.


This is what the Sheung Shui looks like. Chinese people were fighting with each other.

There is a bus to China from here, so I will take it next time.

See you later.


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