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About Tamsui Historical Museum

Danshui Museum of History and Folklore is located in Danshui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. It was established in 1978 to preserve and exhibit the history and cultural heritage of Danshui, a port town at the mouth of the Danshui River.

Exhibits at the Danshui History Museum cover a wide range of topics related to Danshui’s history and culture. Major exhibits include the arrival of the indigenous, Spanish, Dutch, and Chinese settlers who originally inhabited the area, the development of Danshui as a port town during the Qing Dynasty, and the influence of the Japanese occupation.

Fort San Domingo has a long and interesting history spanning over 400 years and is a fascinating attraction for tourists from all over the world. It has been used as a trading post, military fort, consulate, and military barracks. The fort has played an important role in Taiwan’s history, and its importance is reflected in the renovations and additions made by various countries over the centuries.

How to get there

Danshui MRT station is the terminal station. Once you arrive, you can take buses R26, 836, or 857.

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In addition to permanent exhibits, special exhibitions on various themes related to Danshui’s history and culture are held throughout the year.

The Danshuei History Museum is an important cultural institution in Taiwan, providing a unique opportunity to learn about the rich history and cultural heritage of Danshuei and the surrounding area.

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