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About Yilan County Lanyang Museu

Named after the Lanyang Plain (now Yilan County), the Lanyang County Museum was built next to Wushi Harbor as a place where visitors can learn about the history, culture, landscape, and natural beauty of Yilan.

The museum was designed by Chris Yao to blend in with nature. From a distance, the building looks like a giant black rock (in honor of Wushi Harbor), but up close, the building has a truly unique design.

How to get there

From Taipei Main Station, take the Red Line bound for Tamsui and get off at the Yuanshan Station (NT$40). There is a bus ticket booth on the north side of the Yuanshan Station.

Take Guoguang Bus No. 1877 (NT$100) to Yilan. The bus terminates at the Wushi Harbor Visitor Center, where you can get off and walk 600 meters to the museum.

If you want to visit the Lanyang Museum of Yilan County, the first step is to book tickets!
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The building is essentially a beautiful architectural work designed by architect Chris Yao’s group, and is admirable enough to be admired from the outside, possessing striking and modern architecture, and blending in with the surrounding natural environment and landscape. Lanyang’s sloping design was inspired by the steep cliffs of the Beiguan Coast, a characteristic of Yilan County. The roof of the museum has a 20-degree slope, while the steel glass walls rise at a 70-degree angle, creating a special shape. The Lanyang Museum overlooks a lake, and the surrounding reed beds create a magical harmony between nature and man.

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