【Taipei】I stayed at Dongmen 3 Capsule Inn.


They are located near the MRT dongmen south Exit. The first floor is a cafe. The entrance is like this.

(Photo from Agoda)

The impression when I came was to be honest “Wow ~ Raggy ~ I was unlucky ~”.

The room was certainly rag, but there was a small table and it was surprisingly comfortable.

There is also a washing machine. Enter with the card key, the locker has entered suitcase M size under the bed.

(Photo from Agoda)

They are so close to the station that I can not get wet in raining day. There is no one Night time. The final check-in time is 23:00 so be careful.There is an emergency phone.

You can book here.


no.110 21 xingyi Road, Taipei City, daan District

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