【Shanghai】How to get to Shanghai Disneyland

About Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland, located at 310 Huang Zhao Road, Chuansha Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, officially opened on June 16, 2016, is the first Disney theme park in mainland China, and one of the largest modern service industry Sino-foreign cooperation projects in China, a theme park with pure Disney style and a blend of Chinese style.

Shanghai Disneyland covers an area of 1.16 square kilometers, the theme park is divided into Mickey Street, Fantasy Garden, Adventure Island, Treasure Bay, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Disney-Pixar Toy Story. With Disney Castle, Marvel Heroes Headquarters, Buzz Lightyear Star Rescue and other amusement projects.

Disney’s creative team designed “Mickey Street” as the welcome entrance to Shanghai Disneyland, replacing Disney’s nearly 60-year tradition of a small-town America theme. Chinese elements can be seen throughout the design of Shanghai Disney’s attractions, not just the Welcome Avenue. The iconic attraction “Fantasy Fairytale Castle” is decorated with traditional Chinese elements such as auspicious clouds, peonies, lotus flowers and Shanghai’s white magnolia; the Chinese restaurant Man Yue Xuan inherits the traditional Chinese architectural style, paying tribute to the literati who traveled the land of China and were full of artistic creativity, choosing mountains, oceans, deserts, forests and rivers In the “Garden of Whimsy”, Disney’s iconic carousel is crafted by Chinese artisans, with 72 gorgeous colors intertwined beautifully.

Fantasy World is located in the north of Shanghai Disneyland, a total of nine amusement projects, respectively, fantasy fairy tale castle, Alice in Wonderland maze, crystal colorful voyage, roaming fairy tale time, seven dwarfs mine car, Peter Pan sky adventure, Winnie the Pooh adventure, rotating crazy honey pot, welcome Court selfie spot.

Tomorrowland is located in the northwest of Shanghai Disneyland, there are five play programs, namely Buzz Lightyear Star Rescue, Genesis Aurora Wheel – Chevrolet presents, Genesis: Chevrolet Digital Challenge, Jetpack Flying Machine, and Space Luck Stitch.

Whimsy Garden is located in the northern part of Shanghai Disneyland, there are four amusement projects, namely Fantasia Carousel, Marvel Heroes Headquarters, Dumbo, and Whimsy Garden Selfie Spot.

Treasure Bay is located in the northeast of Shanghai Disneyland, a total of four amusement projects, respectively, the boat strange play beach, Pirates of the Caribbean – the battle of sunken treasure, the mystery of the Siren 0 – No., Explorer Canoe.

Adventure Island is located in the southeast of Shanghai Disneyland, a total of four play items, respectively, soaring – leap horizon, laughing friends will self-timer point, Thunder Mountain rafting, monuments to explore the camp.

Disney – Pixar Toy Story is located in the northwest of Shanghai Disneyland, a total of three play projects, respectively, hugging the dragon sky racing, spring dog group turn, Woody Cowboy Carnival.

How to get there

Shanghai Metro

Line 11 for convenience. Visitors can get off the metro at the terminal Disney Station, exit through Exit 2 or 4, and walk 5 to 10 minutes to Shanghai Disneyland, Disney Town and Star’s Wish Park according to the signage, or take the Disney Resort Shuttle Bus after getting off the metro to the hotels in the resort.


Opening hours

Daily from 8:30-20:00.

Ticket Information

Regular Day

1xStandard Ticket(407.80RMB/admission)

1x Child/Senior(307.80RMB/admission)

Special Regular Day

1x Standard Ticket(507.80RMB/ticket)

1x Child/Senior(RMB 382.80/ticket)

Peak Day

1x Standard Ticket (RMB 607.80/ticket)


Holiday Peak Day

1x Standard Ticket(RMB707.80/ticket)


Dream Crystal Card (Annual Card)

1xStandard Card 1399RMB

1xChildren/Senior Card RMB 1049

Wonderful Gold Card (Annual Card)

1x Standard Card 1899RMB

1x Child/Senior Card RMB 1424

Infinite Diamond Card (Annual Card)

1x Standard Card RMB 3599

1x Child/Senior Card RMB 2699

Geographic Location

Shanghai Disneyland is located at 310 Huang Zhao Road, Chuansha Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

Chuansha New Town: Chuansha New Town is located in the eastern part of Pudong New Area, with an area of 96.7 square kilometers, a resident population of 342,100, of which 150,700 are registered, with 6 communities under its jurisdiction, including 43 villages and 40 neighborhood committees. 2013 total revenue of 38.204 billion yuan from three industries, total fiscal revenue of 2.163 billion yuan, local fiscal revenue of 707 million yuan, disposable financial resources of 850 million, and fixed asset investment of 3.437 billion yuan.

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