【Shanghai】How to get to Yu Yuan

About Yu Yuan

Yuyuan Garden is located in the northeast of Shanghai’s old city box, north of Fuyou Road, east of Anren Street, southwest and Shanghai Old City God Temple adjacent to the famous Jiangnan classical gardens, famous for Chinese and foreign famous monuments and tourist attractions, for the national key cultural relics protection units.

Yuyuan Garden was originally a private garden in the Ming Dynasty, built in the Jiajing and Wanli years, more than four hundred years ago.

The owner of the garden, Pan Yunduan, served as the minister of Sichuan. His father, Pan En, with the word Ziren and the name Kasajiang, was the left imperial historian of the Metropolitan Inspection Bureau and the minister of the Ministry of Justice.

The Pan family was a prestigious family in Shanghai at that time. In 1553, the nine-mile-long Shanghai city wall was completed, which gradually calmed down the Japanese invasion along the southeast coast, and the people of Shanghai, whose lives and belongings were often threatened for more than 20 years, were slightly stabilized, and the social economy was restored and began to prosper. The scholars built gardens to enjoy themselves and sing about the wind and the moon.

Sitting in the hall, you can view the scenery of the Great Wigwam Mountain from the window.

Pan En resigned from the government in his old age and returned to his hometown, Pan Yunduan in order to let his father enjoy his old age, from the Ming Jiajing Jiwei year (1559) onwards, in the Pan family residence Shichun Hall west of a few borders on the vegetable field, the collection of stone pond, the construction of pavilion art bamboo, the construction of the garden. After more than 20 years of painstaking management, the Yu Garden was built. “Yu” has the meaning of “peace” and “security”, named “Yu Garden”, with The name “Yu Garden” means “Yu Yue Old Relatives”.

Wanhualou was originally the site of the Ming Dynasty Flower God Pavilion, finely carved, beautiful shape, downstairs four corners of the window with “plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum” clay sculpture four, meaning that this place all year round, flowers always bloom.

How to get there

Yuyuan Garden is located in the Huangpu District in the city center and can be reached by subway or bus

1、Get off at Yuyuan Station of Metro Line 10

2、Bus 11, 26, 64, 71, 145, 581, 715, 730, 736, 801, 926, 929, 932, 969, 980, Fangchuan line and other bus lines to the Yu Garden station



Yuyuan Tourist Mart and Shanghai Old Street are filled with traditional Chinese architecture, gardens that weave beautiful landscapes with nature, and gourmet restaurants and souvenir stores that are unique to Shanghai. The Yuyuan area, with its many attractions, is a must-see sightseeing spot on your trip to Shanghai.
We hope you enjoy your visit to the Yuyuan area, where you can feel the history and culture of Shanghai!

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