【Access】How to get to the Gaomei Wetlands


Gaomei Wetlands is the place where you can see the sunset which is said to be the most beautiful in Taiwan.
I went to Gaomei Wetlands to brush in the daytime instead of watching the sunset.
From Taiwan Bus Terminal in front of Taichung Train Station, you take a bus 309 and You get off at Gaomei Wetlands.

Get off the bus, go straight and turn right at the end. Actually it is closer to get off at one more stop than getting off here. There is a bus stop under a big windmill, and a wetland spreads immediately in front of you.

There is a signboard.

There was a station of UBIKE on the way. I borrowed a bicycle here. Although you have to walk about 1.5 km from the bus stop to wetland, it is comfortable to go by UBIKE. The scenery in the meantime is also pretty good.

Since it is daytime, there is no wetland. You can see it in the evening. It seems to be able to hunt down.


There was a souvenir shop. If it is hot you can take a break here.


By the way it is also coming from qingshui station. 178.179 is bound for the wetland.
178 departs at 14:20 16:20
179 is departing at 13:50 15: 50 17: 50.
to Gaomei wetland takes about 20 minutes by bus.

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