【Hong Kong】Goldfish Street is the best place for fish lovers.

Hong Kong

Where is the location?

This was my first visit to Goldfish Street, just off the MTR Mongkok.

They sell goldfish like this. It is amazing. The official name is Tongnai Street. Dozens of goldfish stores line both sides of the street.

They sell not only goldfish but also many tropical fish. It is a great place for fish lovers.
You can learn a lot about how Hong Kong people keep goldfish. There are many varieties of goldfish, from beautiful ones to unique ones. There was even a large carp.

Fish bait-like products are also sold.

Tropical fish.

Some stores sell pets as well as fish.


If you like fish, this is the place to stop by.
The reason why goldfish are so popular is that goldfish are considered lucky in feng shui, and in Hong Kong, where the concept of feng shui is highly valued, it is said that keeping goldfish is preferred.


Exit B3 at Mong Kok Station and walk east on Mong Kok Road for one block to hit Tong Cai Street. Walking north on Tong Cai St., you will enter an area where goldfish are sold here and there. This is the Goldfish Street.


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