【Taipei】I stayed Backpackers Hostel-Changchun.


They are located between MRT Nanjing Fuxing and MRT Songjiang Nanking Station.
Their appearance is like this. It seems they are renovated. Thier branch is in Ximen ting also.
I got up with an elevator, but it was a strange elevator. Anyway…


Detergent will change at 10 yuan. Since the dryer power is weak, it is better to dry it outside.

There is no locker. There is a safe box. The room is very small.

Here is Bathroom.

There is a dressing room in the shower.

Launge space. The washing machine is here. There was a Japanese family member.

Water here too. There was also free personal computers.

There is supermarket next to them, and I could buy alcohol such as beer. Price is cheap and it is very convenient.

The staff is young and kind.

You can book here.

Address:2F, No.6, Lane. 258, Changchun Road, Zhongshan District 14085 Taipei

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