【Hsinchu】Directions to Beipu Cold Spring


About Beipu Cold Spring

Beipu Cold Spring is located in Beipu Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan, upstream from Daping Creek, and is geologically classified as a sedimentary spring at the foot of the mountains in western Taiwan. The cold spring is a weakly alkaline carbonic acid spring, a clear to pale yellow drinkable salt water with a pH of approximately 7.1, containing approximately 3,337 ppm of bicarbonate ions and 3,134 ppm of sodium ions. It also contains sulfur, and as a carbonic acid-sulfur symbiotic spring, it is said to have a certain therapeutic effect on skin diseases. A sign next to the cold spring pool indicates that the water temperature is approximately 15°C in summer and 10°C in winter.

It takes about 20 minutes by car from Beipu to Reisen, and the scenery is varied, with lush green hills, clear streams, dam falls, and beautiful views of the riverbed.

How to get there

By car
1. When you arrive in Beipu by car, walk along Jungjeong-ro from downtown Bukpo to Bukpo Post Office, follow the signs for Wuseokcheon and Jihwagung at the front of the post office and Dapyeong-ro, and look ahead when you reach the electric pole No. 52 to see the cold spring reservoir. This section is approximately 9 km.
2. Exit at the Bei Er Gao Zhong Lin Interchange, take County Road No. 120 in the direction of Zhudong, take Provincial Highway No. 3 toward Beipu, turn left, and go straight.

By public transportation:
Take Hsinchu Bus or Kyodo Bus to Jhudong, get off at Jhudong, transfer to Hsinchu Bus to Beipu or Shanzhu Lake, get off at Beipu Station, and walk from Beipu Post Office to the “Wuzhi Mountain and Jihua Temple” sign.


Otsubo Valley, where Beipu Cold Spring is located, is an open valley with refreshing scenery. In the fall and winter, hibiscus flowers continue for miles, with pure white, pink, and light blue blossoms in a variety of colors.

On holidays, the valley next to Neiping Cold Spring is crowded with tourists camping, barbecuing, playing in the water, swimming, and bathing in the cold springs, giving life to the normally quiet valley.

Beipu Cold Spring is designated as a dangerous water area by the Hsinchu County Government, so visitors should take care of their own safety when playing.

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