【Taiwan】Go to Sun Moon Lake


Where are they Located?

Sun Moon Lake is said to be the most beautiful lake in Taiwan.

It takes about four hours by bus from Taipei Station. 

The Bus Stop of Sun Moon Lake is a place for small shopping mall. You can Also book the bus ticket here.
Tourist office is also here, you can get maps etc.
the office is close about 5 o’clock.

Sun Moon Lake is crowded with tourists from mainland China.

Also old town is here. It is suitable for souvenir shopping and eating around.

The morning and evening sometimes the fog rolls in, the beauty of the sunrise is exceptional.

You can use Ropeway to go to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.
There is a good atmosphere.

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

Since there is a bicycle rental shop, you can enjoy sightseeing by cycling.

Sun Moon Lake


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