【China/Shenzhen】I stayed at Hanting Hotel Shenzhen.


Hanting Hotel Shenzhen is within 5 minutes on foot from Taian Station in Shenzhen.
The place was difficult to find but I managed to find it. There was an entrance in the parking lot. It was hard to find them.

The staff can only speak Chinese, but they were very kind.
There is also breakfast, but since I booked no breakfast plan in Agoda, I could not eat breakfast. but if you buy the breakfast ticket at the front desk, you can take it.

Room is pretty nice The floor was bit dented, but I did not care at all

The toilet also looks like this. They clean every day.

The shower is like this.

Wireless LAN and wired LAN are available.

The lobby of 1F. There was a sofa, a free PC.


The price was around 20 us dollar yen.
They are located next to elementary school.It was kind of noisy in the morning because it was broadcasting.

I want to come back here again.

You can book here.

cost performane is good. There are places where I can eat something nearby. I feel safe at night.

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