【Shenzhen】How to get to Hong Kong from Shenzhen Bay Port


Where is the location?

Take the city bus from 海月 Station. You can easily find it because it says “Shenzhen Bay Exit” on the station.

Where is the bus stop?

There is a bus stop on the boulevard after that exit, and the B737 bus took me right there.

You can walk to the destination through such a road. It is possible to walk there, but it is better not to do so because it is not clear whether there was a sidewalk or not.


Here’s where the trouble comes in.

The important thing is to buy bus tickets here.

You can pay with cash or wechat pay, but not with alipay. If you don’t have cash, you can withdraw it at the exchange counter or ATM inside.

I tried to withdraw money at an ATM, but it was not allowed, so I exchanged 100 HKD at a money changer.

I bought a ticket. The important thing is to take the 19 or 35 bus after leaving Hong Kong immigration. I think it depends on the day, so please check the information.

I am leaving China. Enter the building and you will find the immigration control of Hong Kong together with the departure from China. This is very convenient and fast. It is very convenient and fast.

When you get out of Hong Kong, take the bus. If you forget to buy a ticket, just tell the attendant and you will probably be OK. I saw a foreigner who seemed to have bought a ticket.

I think they change bus tickets here too. I was talking with a foreigner with a calculator.

You will cross a long bridge from Shenzhen Bay. The view is great.

The Shenzhen Bay area is highly recommended. The subway system in Shenzhen is not running at the moment, but I heard it will be opened in the future. But I wonder if it will be crowded once it opens. See you soon.


Shenzhen Bay Control Point


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