【Hong Kong】Entry/exit points for Shenzhen and Hong Kong


Hong Kong was returned to China on July 1, 1997, and became the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. However, travel between Shenzhen, China and Hong Kong requires passing through immigration inspections. The same is true for Macau.

Currently, Japanese nationals do not need a visa to enter China for stays of up to 15 days.

A long, narrow yellow card is required to enter the country.

Entry Card to China
Familyname Familyname
Givenname Nationality
Passport No.
Gender Male: male Female: female
Date of birth
Visa No.
Reason for entry ⑧Reason for entry into Japan Conference/Business Visit Sightseeing/leisure Visiting friends or relatives Employment Study Return home Study Return home Settle down Other
Place of Visa Issuance
Flight number and name of ship/train
Signature Signature

This section provides information on the entry/exit points between Shenzhen and Hong Kong (Kougane).

First, a subway station entry/exit point.

Luohokou Control Point Open hours: AM 6:30 – AM 24:00

When you exit the platform ticket gate of the station, you will find the Hong Kong departure/entry counter, and Hong Kong ID card holders go to the “Hong Kong residents” line, and the rest go to the “visiting passengers” line. The area in front of the station is prosperous, but the subway is crowded.

Futian Control Point Open hours: 6:30 AM – 24:00 AM

It is a new mouth bank directly connected to the subway station (line 4). There is nothing in front of the station and the station is very quiet.
The station is also very quiet. I like it here.

Next, entry and exit by bus

Many people also enter and leave the country by bus. However, you will usually be with Chinese people. If you don’t want to go together with Chinese people, I think you should take the subway. I also feel that it is too much to take the bus together, so I always use the subway to enter and leave the country.

Huanggang Control Point Open 24 hours
This is the only immigration office in Kuchibank that operates 24 hours a day. The subway system is now in place, so depending on where you stay, this place may be quite convenient as well.
Once you arrive at Kougane, get off the bus and go to the immigration hall. Here you will fill out an entry card, and then get in line for the “護照” (passport) line. After completing the border entry procedures, you will go through customs inspection.

Shenzhen Bay Control Point (Open hours: 6:30 – 24:00)

The unique feature of this entry/exit point is that the entry/exit point on the Hong Kong side is located on the Chinese side, adopting the so-called “one-ground inspection” system (however, the procedure itself still requires two procedures, as in other cases).
(However, the procedure itself still needs to be completed twice, as in other cases.)
) Since both entry and exit points of China and Hong Kong are located on the Chinese mainland side, there is no need to change buses as in the case of the King Kong Cross-Border Crossing.

The beautiful bridge connecting Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the “Western Tunnel,” is only a few minutes away, but you can enjoy the scenic view.

You can also take a ferry to Shenzhen, but it arrives in a remote area, so it may not be convenient for transportation.

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