【Hong Kong】I stayed at Campus Hong Kong!

Hong Kong

How to get there

The Direction to there is take the A31P bus from the Hong Kong Airport bus stop. It is not A31. It is A31P. A31 does not go to Campus Hong Kong.
It takes Approximately 30 minutes get off the bus at 「Yau Kom Tau (油柑頭)」bus stop. They are located just in front of the bus stop.

This is thier entrance. They are building called BAY BREIGE.

The lobby is like a lounge. I feel pretty at ease. The view is amazing.
There are gym and a restaurant inside, but there is no vending machine which sell water. but you can buy it for 8 dollars in the front desk. There are neither convenience stores nor supermarkets nearby.

The room is like a student dorm. The bed is on the top. The ladder was dangerous. It seems to fall from the bed. But there are plenty of outlets and storage are a lot. I liked it.

Great view, isn’t it?

A free shuttle bus is operated to MTR Tsuenwan station. It is the first bus stop to get off. I did not understand as there is no an announcement and I came back once. From MTR Tsuenwan Station, get out the station ticket gate and exit B.

When you get out exit B, walk to the right.  Immediately go up stairway leading to a main road .there is a pole for【BAY BRIDGE, Campus HongKong】 at the far end.

Inside the room.

It became my favorite hotel in Hong Kong. I want to come again.

You can book here.

Address:Bay Bridge Hong Kong By Hotel G, 123 Castle Peak Road (Ting Kau) Hong Kong

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