【Hong Kong】Streetcars pass through the market on Chunyin Street(CHUN YEUNG St.)

Hong Kong

North Point” is one of the streetcar terminus points.
North Point is the town of the common people on Hong Kong Island.

CHUN YEUNG St., where the streetcar goes through the market, is very famous.

It is common to see streetcars stuck and honking their horns in the market.

Where’s the location?

You can come by streetcar, or if you take the MRT, it is just a short walk from Beijiao. Just walk along the streetcar rails to get there. Please note that the streetcar to Shou Kei Wan does not go through CHUN YEUNG St. Please note that the streetcar will not run through the market unless you take the tram bound for Beijiao.

Locals know very well that the last section of the train takes a long time to get through the market, so they leave at the previous station.

Here we are. Incidentally, this market is crowded with stores selling mainly vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish.

It is common to see cars stuck in the area.

Here in the North Corner, there is a “Hong Kong life” that tourists like.

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