【Hong Kong】How to ride the streetcar on Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong

What is Hong Kong streetcar?

A tram is a “tram” that runs on a track that is connected to the roadway, as you can see.
As you can see, trams are only available on Hong Kong Island. It is very slow.

It’s too slow.

But the atmosphere is nice.

What if it rains?

When it rains, I raise the window by myself. It is quite heavy.

The chairs are boxy and bulky, but the atmosphere is nice.

There are many tourists inside. I guess the locals use buses because it is late. But it is cheap.

Riding is very simple!

Boarding is simple.

When the door opens, there is a revolving bar that you push to get in. Payment is made when you get off. Of course, Octopus cards are accepted.

There are no on-board announcements on the streetcar.

The tram stops at each station, so passengers get off the train based on their own decision of where they want to get off.

Among streetcars, double-decker cars are only found in England, Egypt, and Hong Kong.

The North Corner is also famous for its market (Chunyin Jie) and the fact that the streetcar runs through it.

There are two boarding areas, one in the median and one that looks like a regular bus stop.

This is a route map; it’s hard to tell where the MTR stations are because many of them don’t have MTR station names.

If available, I highly recommend the first seat on the second floor. You will have a great view.

It is 2.3 HK$ per time. It is cheap.


Please note that change is not given, just like on buses.

Two people can also pay with a single 5HK$ coin when there is no fine.

The streetcar ride takes about 45 minutes each way.

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