Cantonese conversation “telephone” with audio

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1.Who’s speaking, please ?
喂, 請問邊位 wai2 tsing2 man6 bin1 wai2




2.What can I do for you?
你有乜嘢事?nei5 jau5 mat1 je5 si6




3.Phone is ringing.
電話響咗 din6 waa6 hoeng2 zo2




4.I think you have the wrong number.
打錯了 daa2 co3 liu5
打電話 daa2 din6 waa6*2
聽 ting1




7.He is out now.
出佢咗街 ceot1 heoi5 zo2 gaai1

講 gong2





9.Speaking./hello ( on the phone)
喂 wai2





10.May I use your telephone?
可唔可以借個電話用呀? ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 ze3 go3 din6 waa6 jung6 aa1

手提電話  sau2 tai4 din6 waa6*2





12.Public phone
公用電話  gung1 jung6 din6 waa6*2





13.I will call back later.
打返電話 daa2 faan1 din6 waa6*2





14.Wait a moment please.
等一吓  dang2 jat1 haa5





15.Would you like to leave a message?
你可唔可以留信息俾佢? nei5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 lau4 seon3 sik1 bei2 heoi5





16.Long distance call
長途電話 coeng4 tou4 din6 waa6*2





17.When will he / she return?
佢幾時返嚟? heoi5 gei1 si4 faan1 lai4





18.Mobile phone case
手機殼 sau2 gei1 hok3





19.It is me.
我就係 ngo5 zau6 hai6





20.I forgot to bring a mobile phone.
唔記得帶手提電話添 m4 gei3 dak1 daai3 sau2 tai4 din6 waa6 tim1





21.This phone is broken.
呢部電話壞咗 ne1 bou6 din6 waa6 waai6 zo2





智能手機 zi3 nang4 sau2 gei1





時間 si4 gaan1





預約 jyu6 joek3





25.Telephone line
電話線 din6 waa6*2 sin3





26.My (cell)phone battery is about to die
部手提電話冇晒電 bou6 sau2 tai4 din6 waa6 mou5 saai3 din6





27.Please leave your phone number.
請留低電話號碼 ceng lau4 dai1 din6 waa6 hou4 maa5





28.Whats new?
你近來點呀 nei5 gan6 noi4 dim2 aa3





29.I’m afraid there’s no such person here.
冇哩個人 mou5 le1 go3 jan4





30.International call
國際電話 gwok3 zai3 din6 waa6*2




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