Cantonese conversation “shopping” with audio

Travel Cantonese conversation

1.Please show me that outfit.
嗰件衫俾我睇吓啦 go2 gin6 saam1 bei2 ngo5 tai2 ha5 la3




2.Can I try this on, please?
可唔可以試身呀?ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 si3 san1 aa3




3.How much is it?
幾多錢? gei1 do1 cin2 ?




4.Please show me another one.
俾我睇睇第二個 Bei2 ngo5 tai2 tai2 dai6 ji6 go3




5.Do you have my size?
呢件有冇我個碼呀? ne1 gin6 jau5 mou5 ngo5 go3 maa5 aa1




6.Could you please give me a discount?
可唔可以俾個折頭我呀? ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 bei2 go3 zit3 tau4 ngo5 aa3 ?




7.Are there any other colors?
有冇其他顏色呀?jau5 mou5 kei4 taa1 ngaan4 sik1 aa3





8.What is this?
呢啲咩嚟㗎?ni1 di1 me1 lei4 ga3





9.I’ll take this.
我要呢件 ngo5 jiu1 ne1 gin6





10.Do you take credit cards?
可以使用信用卡嗎? ho2 ji5 sai2 jung6 seon3 jung6 kaa1 maa1





11.What’s today’s exchange rate?
今天既匯率係幾多呀?gam1 tin1 gei3 wai6 leot6 hai6 gei1 do1 aa1

 go for shopping
行街 haang4 gaai1





13.street market
街市 gaai1 si5

解 gaai2





15.Where can I buy this?
喺邊度可以買到呀?hai2 bin1dou6 ho2 ji5 maai5 dou2 aa3





16.traditional grocery store
雜貨舖 zhaap6 fo3 pou2

乾貨舖 gon1 fo3 pou2





18.How do you sell this?
呢啲點賣呀?ni1di1 dim2 maai6 aa3





顏色 ngaan4 sik1





20.I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.
麻煩你 ma4faan4 nei5





21.Is overseas shipping available?
你哋送唔送貨去外國嘎? nei5 dei6 sung3 m4 sung3 fo3 heoi2 ngoi6 gwok3 gaa1





貴 gwai3


平 peng4





24.That’s a little pricey.
這太昂貴 ze2 taai3 ngong4 gwai3





25.I can’t afford it.
我俾唔起。ngo5 bei2 m4 hei2





26.I don’t want it.
我唔想要。ngo5 m4 soeng2 jiu1





27.How much is one Loaf?
幾多錢一斤呀?gei2 do1 cin2 jat1 gan1 aa3





28.I am not interested.
我冇興趣。ngo5 mou5 hing1 ceoi3





29.Could I have a bag?
可唔可以俾個袋我呀? ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 bei2 go3 doi6 ngo5 aa1





30.You are cheating me.
你呃緊我嘅。nei5 ak1 gan2 ngo5 ge1




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