【Taizhong】I stayed at harbor hotel


Here is Taichung business hotel called Harbor Hotel. They changed name now.
It is a convenient business hotel to go to Taichung Airport. This remarkable signboard along the Taiwan dadao. They are in the vicinity of the bus stop of atomic trunk entrance of Taiwan Dadao.

This is a convenient hotel to go to Taichung Airport. Because it is located in Taiwan Dadao, you can easily reach Taichung Airport by 302 bus.

Although it is a bit old, inside is quite comfortable widely. They prepared water properly.

If you book Agoda, the price will be 20 US dollar depending on the time. Usually seems to be about 70 US dollar.

Breakfast is very tasty and a lot. I was only person who ate breakfast everyday during my stay.

Of course it is free.

There is China Road Night Market in the neighborhood.

You can book here.

403Taichung City West West District, Taiwan dadao  First Stage No709.


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