【Taipei】Famous beef noodle shop”玖伍牛肉麺”


Where are they Located?

玖伍牛肉麺 is located in front of 金年華三温暖(sauna). They open until 2am mid night.

紅焼牛肉麺 is 110NT$. You can fill in the sheet to order.


This is Cold noodle 60NT$ and Hot water greens 30NT$.
There is a spicy Cold noodle too.

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Their staff always play games. some staff can speak English and Japanese. I see some tourist here.

Water dumpling and fried rice are good to eat. There are some special menus too.
You can take out meals.

They are pretty crowded during a lunch time.


Address:No. 51, Tianjin St, Zhongshan District、Taipei City, 104



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