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About Nantou Sun Moon Lake Cruise

Sun Moon Lake is known as the most authentic and breathtaking mountain lake in Taiwan. Sun Moon Lake is known as the most authentic mountain lake in Taiwan, and there are many ways to enjoy it, such as taking a boat tour around the lake, taking the ropeway to view Sun Moon Lake from above, or taking a bus around the lake to enjoy the scenery of the mountains and the lake. If walking is too slow and buses are too fast, a bicycle tour around the lake is also recommended. Checheng’s rich forestry culture and specialty stores are essential tourist attractions.

Whether you are planning a one-day trip or a two-day trip, the Sun Moon Lake Package Ticket is recommended. Currently, the Sun Moon Lake Pass includes tickets for the Sun Moon Lake Line and Checheng Line of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, a boat cruise, a cable car, a round-the-lake bus, a bicycle rental, and admission tickets to the Nine Tribes Cultural Village.

The Nantou Sun Moon Lake cruise is also very popular. Please reserve your tickets in advance.

How to get there

Yungetan is a beautiful high mountain area in the mountains of Nantou County. The lake is about 750 meters above sea level and is surrounded by dense mountain ranges.

Because of its unique geographical location, there is no train service to Sun Moon Lake. Therefore, the only means of transportation is by car or bus.

There are many buses that either go directly from Taipei or from Taichung.

If you want to take a Nantou Sun Moon Lake cruise, the first step is to book your ticket!
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You can see the surface of Sun Moon Lake up close. Since it is a lake, the boats are still relatively stable and more fun when the wind is strong. There is a little brother who gives tours on the boat and is especially humorous and funny. Once you arrive at each pier, you can disembark and take a tour of the nearby area. When finished, you can return to your original location and take the boat to the next pier. Please note the time and place.

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