Directions to Tainan Waterwheel Cultural Park

About Tainan Waterwheel Cultural Park

Turning right after exiting the Tainan Railway Station, you will see a beautiful red building under a blue sky with the Shangri-La Tainan Hotel towering behind it, offering a panoramic view of the old and new scenery. This building was originally the Tainan Branch Office of the Taiwan Governor’s Office, Tainan Branch; after renovation, it became the Tainan Cultural and Creative Industry Park. This once solemn building is now closed to the public. Inside the office is a nostalgic exhibition space that regularly hosts exhibitions, is a venue for industry matching and artist exchanges, and regularly hosts a variety of lectures. Many families spend quality family time here, watching trains, eating sweets, and participating in DIY classes to make their own handcrafts. It is a place to practice aesthetics of living and a place for a LOHAS attitude toward life.

How to get there

Tainan does not currently have a subway system, so the most common means of transportation are private cars, cabs, buses, and walking. Blueprint Culture & Creative Park, located in the South District of Tainan City, is a 10-minute drive or 15-minute bus ride from Tainan Train Station. Alternatively, it can be reached on foot in 30 minutes.

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The Cultural and Creative Park was once a row of judicial residences, but was transformed into a multi-purpose park in 2014. Today, it is one of Tainan’s hottest spots, with numerous art workshops, galleries, cafes, restaurants, and exhibition and performance venues.

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