【Taipei】I stayed at Inn Cube- Minquan!


I tried staying at a capsule hotel for the first time in Taiwan. This hotel is called Inn Cube.

I stayed in cube hotel of Mingquab West Road.

Inside is like this.

Here is a locker. I also put my suitcase M size.

Use the card key to open and close the door of the capsule.
The WIFI password is also written behind this card key.

I stayed at the lower level.
The above room person was loud overnight and it was noisy. There was an earplug, but there was no effect.

Inside room is like this.

Here is a shared space. There are magazines and water servers etc.


WIFI is a bit slow.

Here has a toilet and a shower room.
Bath towels and small towels are ready in the room.



1F., No.31, Fushun St., Zhongshan, Taipei 104

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