【Taipei】Ningxia Night Market Mutton restaurant 「感恩牛羊肉小館」


Ningxia Night Market is a small night market, but there are also a restaurants.
Here you can enjoy Mutton meal.

This is their sign board.


In fact, this 「感恩牛羊肉小館」do a place that it took the grand prize in the beef noodles Grand Prix in the past.

Here, Tomoto beef noodle is popular.

Slightly spicy taste with beef noodles is created a taste indescribable.

This is their menu. You fill in then order.


I ate Mutton fried noodle. it was good!


Their beef noodle has good reputation.


No. 44-1, Ningxia Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, 103

Open: AM11:30~AM1:30
Closed every monday


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